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Andrew on the TED2020 Mainstage:

Augmented Biology

The Pelling Lab is an award-winning, openly curious and exploratory space where scientists, engineers and artists work in close quarters. The Lab is primarily interested in exploring speculative augmented biological systems of the future, found at the intersection of biological science, engineering, design and art. By physically manipulating and re-purposing living systems, the Lab has discovered an astonishing ability of cells to adapt and respond to highly artificial and unusual stimuli. For instance, the lab has created living human body parts made from plants, grown living skins on LEGOs and used microscopic textures to control stem cell fate and organization – all innovations with the potential to redefine the limits of biology. Three startup companies have now been spun out of the lab, including Spiderwort Inc, which is developing biomaterials for repairing and regenerating the human body. The Lab’s work is often recognized in the international media, including outlets such as TED, Wired, Vice, Motherboard, The Atlantic, Scientific American, Popular Science, OZY, BBC, Discovery Channel, and many others.

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