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Following the practice of several other academics I offer the following disclosure statement about my work.


I am appointed a Full Professor at the University of Ottawa. I am currently on unpaid leave and receive no salary from the University. I continue to voluntarily mentor students and staff in the Pelling Lab, direct our global research program, and manage administrative tasks. My lab manager is responsible for the day-to-day administrative and regulatory needs of the lab, under my direct supervision. Currently, 100% of my salary is from Spiderwort Inc, where I serve as Chief Scientific Officer. I am a co-founder of Spiderwort Inc and it is commercializing intellectual property developed in the Pelling Lab at the University of Ottawa.


I sometimes collect royalties from the sale of my book (Cells, Forces and the Microenvironment), I sometimes engage in brand partnerships which can result in sponsored research, videos and/or in-person engagements, and I often earn speaking fees for moderating or keynoting at an event. I am usually (but not always) represented by Talent Bureau which negotiates the terms of the various engagements above. When I am paid to speak, I contract as to subject matter, but not as to substance, and owe no duty of loyalty. I maintain a list of talks and other engagements which are filed yearly with the University of Ottawa as part of my annual report. If I ever mention the use of a product in a speech, on social media or elsewhere, I do so because I deem them appropriate.


The Pelling Lab and my activities are supported through many different means, both private and public. In all cases, funders of the Pelling Lab have absolutely no role in the design of experiments, interpretation of data or conclusions of any research project. Over the years, funding has come to include financial, equipment, or in-kind contributions and donations. The list below is relevant to my activities since joining the University of Ottawa in 2008 as an Assistant Professor.


Commercial entities in which I have a financial interest:

  • Spiderwort Inc

  • Incuvers Inc

  • pHacktory Inc

  • Pelling Creative Inc


Patents or Patent Applications:

  • I am an inventor on several patents and patent applications, some of which have been licensed. In some cases I earn royalties or I have financial interests in the the companies which have licensed the patent. 

  • Several databases can be searched to find my patents or patent applications, such as Google Patents.


Public/Foundation/Charitable Support for the Pelling Lab:

  • Li Ka Shing Foundation

  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Discovery Grants (multiple)

  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Research Tools and Instruments (multiple)

  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Engage Grants (multiple)

  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Science Communication Skills Grant

  • Canada Foundation for Innovation (multiple)

  • Province of Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation (multiple)

  • Canada Research Chairs Program

  • Province of Ontario Early Researcher Award


  • University of Ottawa

  • Australian Research Council Discovery Grant

  • Raine Medical Research Foundation

  • New Harvest

  • TED

Commercial Support for the Pelling Lab:

  • Ecovative Design

  • CellScale Biomaterials Testing

  • SAXX

  • Nikon Canada


Any relevant activities outside of University of Ottawa or financial interests that could bias my work will be continuously disclosed on this site.

Last Updated July 2021.

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