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OPEN POSITION: Research Technician

The Pelling Lab for Augmented Biology is seeking a motivated and reliable research technician to join the Lab on a full-time basis. The Pelling Lab has several areas of interest in biomaterials, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, plant biology and mechanobiology. Research activities are highly diverse and techniques range from plant or animal cell culture, plant cultivation, pre-clinical animal studies, device design and engineering, chemical synthesis and characterization, advanced microscopies, etc.

With this in mind, our ideal successful candidate will have a broad interdisciplinary background, ideally with practical experience in any or all of the following areas: microscopy, mammalian cell and tissue biology and/or plant cell and tissue biology. Although we work in many areas you would receive all necessary training. We are seeking someone who enjoys using their hands at the bench, who is a creative problem solver and someone who is highly self-motivated. Most importantly, a willingness to learn new things and work in areas that challenge your comfort zone is key! You will be involved in many exciting research projects and translational activities.

The successful candidate would work closely with the Pelling Lab Operation and Research Manger on a daily basis. You would be responsible for maintaining a variety of organisms, preparing buffers and reagents, ensuring lab safety and cleanliness, managing lab logistics, and eventually providing training to new lab members on various techniques and pieces of equipment. The Pelling Lab is a dynamic environment with many moving parts, projects and deadlines. The Lab has spun out several start-up companies and there are opportunities to contribute to the translation of fundamental knowledge into the marketplace and clinic. The Lab is located in the new University of Ottawa STEM Complex and is very well equipped and supported.

Essential Qualifications:

  • Recently graduated with an undergraduate degree in the Biological/Biomedical Sciences or related fields.

  • At least two years of relevant practical experience in an industrial or academic lab.

  • Mastery of common bench skills and best practices in general laboratory environments.

  • Effective oral and written communication skills, highly organized and an appreciation for crossing items off a well organized to-do list.

  • Enthusiastic about the details

  • Collaborative and willing to work closely with all members of our research team, as well as being able to work independently to meet deadlines.

Preferred Skill Sets and Experiences:

  • Mammalian cell culture and aseptic technique.

  • Plant cell biology and micro-propagation

  • Histological and immunofluorescence staining techniques.

  • Fluorescence, confocal, phase contrast, DIC and transmitted light microscopies

  • 3D printing and/or bioprinting

  • Electronic prototyping – Arduino, simple circuit design, mechanical engineering, etc.

  • Proficient in using various types of computer software ranging from MS Office, statistical packages, common programming languages, image analysis or a demonstrated ability and willingness to learn.

  • Did you notice that some of the statements above didn’t end in a period? Then you really should apply.

If you are ready to join us, please send a short statement (no more than one page), a brief CV and be prepared to submit two letters of reference if requested. The position will be open until filled.

Send all materials to Sharon King, Administrative Assistant to Prof. Andrew Pelling (

Learn More About Us:

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