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fail award nomination

Nominations are now being accepted for the next winner of the prestigious Pelling Lab FAIL Award! We want to celebrate the latest dumb mistake, drop-the-ball move and noobie screw up. Remember, we're laughing with you, not at you.


Nominate your colleagues today!


  1. Nominees and Nominators must be current Pelling Lab members (see them here).

  2. Nominations are open until Andrew decides they aren't. A winner will be chosen from the nominations during previous nomination period.

  3. Nominations can be anecdotal, however links to video/picture evidence will be highly favoured during the selection committee. 

  4. All current Pelling Lab members who were not nominated will be invited to join the selection committee. Andrew will not be part of this committee.

  5. The award will be given out at group meeting, followed by mockery, social media posts and a speech by the winner.

  6. Rules are subject to change and/or being broken at any time.


Nomination Form:

Thanks! Message sent.

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